Howard County Unit History

The Howard County Unit held its first organizational meeting in March 2016.  During the first meeting several names were proposed and voted on, the name Howard County Unit won unanimously.  A resolution was also made in a form of a motion to form the Howard County Unit to become a parliamentarian unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians.  A committee of three was appointed to draft bylaws for the proposed unit and report at the second organizational meeting.

The second meeting was held in November 2016, they began meeting monthly after that.  

Application for chartering was submitted December 2016, the bylaws were approved, and the charter was received in January 2017.  The first official meeting as the Howard County Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians was held February 21, 2017.

A Meet & Greet was held on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, at the Columbia Union Conference Office Building to celebrate the Unit’s Chartering.

Chartered officers and members are:

Walter E. Carson, PRP, President
Orlando McGruder, Vice President
Wanda Nelson, PRP, Treasurer
Karen Beck, Secretary
Barbara Miller, PRP, Parliamentarian
Ramsey Alexander
Charlotte Hardnett 
Jo Emily Knox
Muriel G. Mitchell