Membership Types

Types of Membership

Provisional are individuals who are preparing for NAP membership.   While they are not official NAP members, they have the option to associate with a unit.  

Regular Member have demonstrated a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of parliamentary law and its application by successfully completing a short exam based on Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief (RONR In Brief). Regular members typically serve as parliamentarians for organizations to which they belong.  

Registered Parliamentarian® is restricted to members who have earned NAP’s Registered Parliamentarian credential. They have demonstrated a deeper, more advanced understanding of parliamentary procedure and its application by successfully completing the RP Credentialing Exam. RPs are authorized to market themselves as credentialed parliamentarians.

Professional Registered Parliamentarian® are members who have graduated from RP to the highest credential: Professional Registered Parliamentarian. These members have demonstrated advanced parliamentary knowledge and skills that qualify them to serve as paid consultants to organizations of all types and sizes, from professional associations to homeowners’ associations to religious and Panhellenic organizations. These members successfully completed the PRP Credentialing Exam.

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