Press Release – 2023.09.09



September 9, 2023

Howard County Unit Excels at 44th Biennial Convention of the National Association of Parliamentarians

Howard County, MD – The Howard County Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians proudly announces its outstanding achievements at the 44th Biennial Convention of the National Association of Parliamentarians, Inc.® The unit not only showcased its commitment to parliamentary excellence but also secured prestigious awards in various categories.

At the convention, the Howard County Unit received accolades in the following District awards:

1. **Greatest Net Membership Growth**

2. **Greatest Percentage Membership Growth**

3. **Greatest Net Increase of PRPs (Professional Registered Parliamentarians)**

4. **Greatest Percentage Gain of PRPs**

These accolades reflect the unit's remarkable dedication and efforts in fostering parliamentary knowledge and engagement within the community.

Since its inception in 2017, the Howard County Unit has demonstrated unwavering commitment, resulting in substantial growth. The unit has expanded its membership to 40+ dedicated individuals who share a passion for parliamentary procedure.

The recognition for Greatest Net Membership Growth, Greatest Percentage Membership Growth, Greatest Net Increase of PRPs, and Greatest Percentage Gain of PRPs underscores the unit's positive impact on parliamentary education and its ability to attract new members.